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K-Drama Review: "Miss Lee" Starts Off With A Unique Plot But Falters On Weak Characterization

Miss Lee imparts a lesson on persevering and not giving up until the end. tvN’s Miss Lee focuses on the journey of how a small company work its way from scratch to protect itself from the impending disaster. Lee Hye Ri, Kim Sang Kyung, Uhm Hyun Kyung and Cha Seo Won play the key characters in the drama. Lee Hye Ri plays the titular character Miss Lee/ Lee Sun Shim, a novice CEO who must save her company from bankruptcy. Aiding her is Kim Sang Kyung’s character Yoo Jin Wook, the Head of Sales w

K-Drama Premiere: "Love With Flaws" Promises A Laughter Filled Ride Exploring Love Between Two Different People

A twist of romance added with a pinch of mystery complemented by an overloaded humor results in getting Love With Flaws brewing. Love With Flaws tells the story about how two imperfect people end up falling in love with each other. The female protagonist Joo Seo Yeon judges people by their looks and believes that good-looking men are nothing but trouble. Meanwhile, Lee Kang Woo, the male protagonist, is a very handsome man who can make any women fall for him by just staring into their gaze. Bu

K-Drama Review: "Nokdu Flower" Depicts A Harrowing Yet Dream Picture Of Creating A Flourishing Nation

Narrating an emotional story about the struggles of the commoners to achieve equality, Nokdu Flower hits the right chords Based on real historical events, Nokdu Flower is about the Donghak uprising against the corrupt officials in the 19th century. The journey with Nokdu Flower is a very emotional one as it unveils the struggles of the common people, their battles for their rights to equality and the various aspects that influences human actions. Title: Nokdu Flower Network: SBS Theme: Hi

Everything You Need To Know About The "2019 MAMA"

South Korea’s major music award ceremony is just around the corner! The Mnet Asian Music Awards also known as MAMA has always been highly anticipated because of it’s fascinating stages and the equally passionate audience. This year too, is no different as it promises a euphoric night to remember. Organized by CJE&M, 2019 MAMA will be held on December 4 at Nagoya Dome in Japan. This is the first time that the award show will be held at a dome which has a capacity of 30,000 people. The red carp

K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: EXO's Sixth Full-Length Album "Obsession"

It’s time to get obsessed with EXO as they back portraying two different personalities in their highly awaited album Obsession EXO is the iconic group that sets everything fired up on their every comeback. Even though this time they are missing some of their members, they had delivered power packed performances in their latest MV; and their album too has a wide genre of songs. Six of the members, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, Suho, Baekhyun and Chen power the latest album. D.O. and Xiumin are absent f

K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Kang Daniel's Digital Single Album "TOUCHIN'"

Korea’s “it boy” Kang Daniel shows off his charms playing a noir protagonist in his latest single MV TOUCHIN’. Soloist Kang Daniel explores a dazzling sexy concept as he goes back in time, with his latest single album TOUCHIN’. He makes his return four months after his solo debut with his his mini-album Color on Me, which had broken multiple records. The success of Color on Me also cemented his position as one of the most successful soloists. He released his much awaited comeback digital single

K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: ASTRO's Sixth Mini-Album "Blue Flame"

ASTRO illuminates everything surrounding them with their Blue Flame. Back with an edgier and sexier concept, ASTRO are setting Arohas hearts on fire. The group recently made a comeback with their sixth mini-album, titled Blue Flame. The album and the MV were released on November 20 at 6 PM KST. Making a return since their last comeback in January with “All Night”, ASTRO exposes their mature charms through Blue Flame. Currently, the group is busy with the promotional activities of their comebac

K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: CIX's "Hello Chapter 2. Hello, Strange Place"

The latest mini-album from CIX titled Hello, Strange Place will make the listeners go “Numb” as they send out messages about the struggles of the youth. CIX is back with their second mini-album Hello Chapter 2. Hello, Strange Place and it has a darker theme with an enthralling storyline. Making their first comeback after four months of their debut in July, the group released their album and music video on November 19. Consisting of five tracks in total, Hello, Strange Place tries to highlight

K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: Zico's First Full Length Album "Thinking Part 2"

With rich lyrics and emotional feels, Zico’s new release Thinking Part 2 is a delightful treat for all listeners. Almost the end of 2019, November has been a busy month for K-pop fans with a large number of comebacks. One comeback that people have been earnestly looking forward to was that of Zico’s. With the release of the first part of his full-length album, Thinking Part 1, Zico had already set expectations for its second part. A top name in the K-pop world as well as on the Korean hip-hop

K-Drama Review: "Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency" Imparts A Beautiful Story On Love And Friendship

Comprising of likable characters, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency tells the tale of a youthful journey and the various emotions that one comes across at that time Based on the novel of the same name, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency steps into the world of three young men who are managing a successful match-making business. Their world turns upside down when one of their commissions ends in failure. The story progresses to show how the unfortunate event affects their fateful journey. Th

K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: GOT7 10th Mini-Album "Call My Name"

GOT7 and their new mini-album Call My Name will make you want to keep calling out their name GOT7 is finally back with their new EP titled, Call My Name. They dropped their latest music treat after six months since their last comeback in May with Spinning Top. Upon release of the latest album, fans took over Twitter trending multiple hashtags worldwide. The group also had a comeback showcase which was broadcast live via Naver’s V LIVE on November 4 at 8 pm KST. Album teaser images were first r

K-Drama Review: "Hell Is Other People" Creeps With Eerie Narrative Not Suitable For The Faint-Hearted

Painting a realistic plot, Hell Is Other People puts into purview about the unimaginable happenings that occur in society Based on the Naver webtoon of the same name, Hell Is Other People, tells the tale of mysterious occurrences at a dormitory named Eden Studio. Leading the drama series are Im Si Wan and Lee Dong Wook. Im Si Wan takes on the role of Yoon Jung Woo, a new renter of Eden Studio who is wary about the weirdness of his neighbors. Lee Dong Wook plays Seo Moon Jo, a dentist with a mys

K-Drama Review: "Angel's Last Mission: Love" Spins A Refreshing Tale About Selfless Love

An angel is given the task to bring love to a woman’s life – but what happens when the angel ends up falling in love with her? Angel’s Last Mission: Love is a beautiful love story about an angel who falls in a forbidden love with a human. The main cast of the drama are Shin Hye Sun, who has delivered her extraordinary acting skills in Thirty But Seventeen; Kim Myung Soo, who has gained recognition for his performance in Miss Hammurabi; and Lee Dong Gun who has made memorable appearances in dram

K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: DAY6 Third Regular Album "The Book Of Us: Entropy"

It’s a Sweet Chaos for fans as DAY6 is back with a parade of intense and emotional songs DAY6 has been very busy lately with their undergoing world tour. However, that is not stopping them from releasing quality music as the multi-talented band returns with their third regular album, The Book Of Us: Entropy. Making a return after three months since their last comeback, the group released their album along with the lead single MV, “Sweet Chaos” on October 22 at 6:00 p.m. KST. The group also had

K-Drama Review: "My Absolute Boyfriend" Gives A Lesson On What True Love Really Is

Filled with endless romance and comedy, My Absolute Boyfriend is a story about the quest on learning how to love selflessly. Based on the Japanese drama and manga series of the same name, My Absolute Boyfriend is about a humanoid robot that has got all the perfect attributes. The cast includes Yeo Jin Goo, Bang Min Ah and Hong Jong Hyun who have all showcased their acting prowess in popular dramas in the past. Yeo Jin Goo takes on the role of the Zero Nine/ Young Gu, an android robot while Ban

K-Drama Review: "Welcome 2 Life" Entices Audience By Exploring Second Chances & Parallel Worlds

Welcome 2 Life puts a perspective on the consequences of important decisions made in life and utilizing second chances Welcome 2 Life screens two story-lines of two worlds which are so similar yet so different. The drama boasts of a popular cast which includes Jung Ji Hoon more popularly know as Rain, Lim Ji Yeon and Kwak Si Yang. Jung Ji Hoon plays Lee Jae Sang who is a heartless lawyer with the inability to distinguish between right and wrong. Returning to the small screen after her appearan

K-Drama Review: "Chief Of Staff" Weaves Realistic Plot On Politics, Lawmakers & Their Aides

With an engrossing script powered by a renowned cast, Chief Of Staff takes a deeper plunge into the world of politics. Chief Of Staff highlights how ugly the world of politics can be and how extremely dirty it can get. Throughout the drama, the contemplation of choosing between the right and wrong is raised. Should the protagonist avoid playing by the rules and bend things in his favor to achieve the fast effective results or should he walk in the path of righteousness even if the process is sl

K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: AB6IX's First Studio Album "6IXENSE"

AB6IX’s comeback tingles all the senses of listeners as they offer wide genres of music in their first full-length album 6IXENSE AB61X are the hottest rookies who have been grabbing everyone’s attention and are now back with their first full length album titled 6IXENSE. The MV single is titled “Blind For Love” which talks about the perspective of doing everything that is possible for the sake of love. The group also had their showcase stage on their comeback day. AB6IX debuted four months ago o

K-Drama Review: "Class Of Lies" Is A Thrilling Experience For Mystery Genre Lovers

Class Of Lies Spins An Excellent Tale That Gives Chills To The Audience Maintaining the suspense throughout the story, Class of Lies engrosses the audience in the journey of uncovering the concealed secrets surrounding its characters. Title: Class of Lies Network: OCN Theme: Crime, Mystery, Thriller Length: 16 Episodes Broadcast Date: 17 June 2019 – 5 September 2019 Main Leads: Yoon Kyun Sang, Geum Sae Rok, Choi Yu Hwa, Lee Jun Young Highlights: Solid Acting, Intriguing Storytellin
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